Mission Trips (work in progress - last update 2000)


In 1979 or 1980 the church bought a church bus. The youth decided that they wanted to use it to take a trip to Orlando, Florida. They raised money by having yard sales, bake sales, candle sales, car washes and by many other ways. They visited Sea World, Disney World and Silver Springs. The next year they decided to do mission work on the trip and contacted the mission board for an assignment.

Since then, First Baptist Church, Norris has always jumped at the chance to be summer missionaries for a week. The trips began in 1981. There was no money in the church budget to buy supplies, food, and Bible School literature. Mission trip leaders had little history to depend on to help plan the trip. With the churches help, the youth raised money by raking leaves, cutting fire wood, and many other things. They planned as best they could and prayed that God would provide the rest. God did provide. The first trip was to the intercity of Washington, DC, a high crime rate area. The mission team lead a Vacation Bible School at the National Baptist Church of Washington, DC. Several US Presidents had worshiped there and George Washington had laid the cornerstone of this church with the same trowel he had used to lay the cornerstone of the US Capitol Building.

Some mistakes were made on this first trip, but valuable experience was gained spiritually as well as physically. An important motto developed from this trip, which remains important today - "Be Flexible." God doesn't always plan the same way we do. Today, fund raising for the trips goes on year round and the entire church is involved by either contributing food, supplies, and money, or as a participating member of the mission team. Additionally, the church budget includes an allotment to help with travel expenses for the mission trip. The recent mission trips have had between 28 and 40 participants.

A historical summary of the mission trips are as follows:

1981 Washington, DC Vacation Bible School / intercity children/high crime rate area.
Several of our Presidents had worshiped in this church.
1982 Danville, KY Vacation Bible School / Youth Revival.
1983 Cherokee, NC Backyard Bible Clubs.
1984 Gatlinburg, TN Resort/ Backyard Bible Clubs.
1985 Beckley, WV Backyard Bible Clubs
Broke ground for Church Building.
1986 Danville, KY Vacation Bible School.
1987 Norris, SC Backyard Bible Clubs: two trailer parks, Joint venture with Cateechee Baptist Church and Fort Hill Presbyterian Church.
1988 Orlando, FL Fun trip.
1989 New Orleans, LA Backyard Bible Clubs.
1990 Bland, VA Backyard Bible Clubs.
Construction on Church
1990 Pennsylvania Backyard Bible Clubs.
Construction on Church to add a wing for class room space with an apartment for the pastor's family on the 2nd floor.
1992 Arnoldsburg WV Backyard Bible Club
Construction on Church, sheetrock
1993 Homosassa, FL Repairs on 2 churches and several homes which were damaged during Hurricane Andrew.
1994 Wilmington, NC Vacation Bible School/intercity children
Remodeled house which is being used for church meetings.
1995 Kearneysville, WV Vacation Bible School at the church
Construction on the church
Drug infested area of Kearneysville.
1996 Salem, WV Vacation Bible School at the church
Construction on bathrooms, cleaned attic, painted, landscaping.
1997 Beckley, WV Four Backyard Bible School each day.
One backyard club daily for abused women and children.
Construction crew laid foundation for addition to church (which the ground was broken during the 1985 Mission Trip)
1998 Williamsburg, KY Backyard Bible School at housing project
Clowning ministry at four nursing homes
Construction on mobile home roof
Cleaned another site for new construction of house
Built"out-house" for the couple at second site
1999 Clarksburg, WV Back yard bible club at local park
Remodeling and construction at a down town mission so that they could house families and also conduct classroom training.
2000 Burgaw, NC and
Kure Beach, NC
Bible Clubs on Kure Beach
Construction of Matthew 25 House
2001 Burgaw, NC and
Surf Side Beach, NC
Vacation Bible School at Surf City Baptist Church
Evening Worship Services at a campground at Surf City Beach
Remodeling of home (Vinyl siding)
2002 Lynch, Ky Vacation Bible School
Remodeling of home and plumbing

In addition to a group mission trip, several of our members including the pastor have ventured into foreign missions for a week at a time. Some of the places that they have served are Mexico and Honduras.